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Interior design is a delightful culmination of many past experiences. In high school I studied art and loved the project where we designed our dream home. During this time I worked in a bookstore, where I first learned of Feng Shui. From 1992 to 1997 I worked in real estate, first as the assistant to the broker, then receptionist, conveyancer, licensed Realtor, and finally recruiter and trainer. In 1999 a friend gave me a book about Feng Shui. I started to study it and practice it in my own home, reading more books and deepening my knowledge.


My decision to practice Feng Shui professionally came after seeing H.G. Chissell give a workshop entitled “Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui.” I was so inspired by him that I started my own practice as a Professional Organizer and eagerly awaited the beginning of his next Professional Training Program.


As a Professional Organizer since 2002, I have helped many individuals, families, and small businesses to clean up their clutter, move, downsize, or rearrange, and enjoy the peace of mind that being organized brings. Unique among organizers, I base my recommendations on feng shui principles, starting with the clients’ intentions to guide us. A clutterbug-in-recovery myself, I am in a unique position to help others overcome the same challenges I faced. I love the work because as you clean, you free up energy. My clients and I actually feel more invigorated after working than we did before we started!


In May 2003, I completed H.G.’s Nine Month Professional Feng Shui Training Program and started practicing Feng Shui for clients and teaching workshops and classes. I completed a BS in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2008. I advanced from intern to the executive assistant to the partners of the internationally acclaimed real estate development /architecture /construction /property management group of companies know as Onion Flats. I have a Pennsylvania Real Estate Salesperson’s license in escrow.

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